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* - Remove an unused function from utils/string.cAndrew Sidwell2008-08-111-2/+2
* Move one step closer to getting encoding changes working.Andrew Sidwell2008-08-111-12/+9
* Add <meta charset> support in the treebuilder.Andrew Sidwell2008-08-102-2/+4
* Bring encoding detection tests up-to-date with html5lib, fix Hubbub-specific ...Andrew Sidwell2008-08-091-51/+109
* Merged revisions 4631-4838 via svnmerge from John Mark Bell2008-07-3111-2966/+69
* Rework buildsystem so that it no longer calls make recursively and rebuilds t...John Mark Bell2008-04-071-43/+36
* Add UTF-16 input stream.John Mark Bell2007-06-243-1/+623
* Import hubbub -- an HTML parsing library.John Mark Bell2007-06-2310-0/+2998