path: root/test/regression/filter-badenc-segv.c
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* Remove client allocation function.Michael Drake2013-12-141-9/+1
* Require iconv by default, as this is the most useful configurationJohn Mark Bell2011-04-211-1/+1
* Internalise the internal symbol names.Daniel Silverstone2011-01-261-4/+4
* Remove Aliases file from test harnessesJohn Mark Bell2010-12-041-4/+2
* Remove init/final code and turn aliases into static data structure. r=vinceDaniel Silverstone2010-12-041-5/+0
* Fix regression test to work with iconv filter enabledJohn Mark Bell2008-11-091-2/+9
* Fix double free of filter read codec when resetting to an unsupported encoding.John Mark Bell2008-11-091-0/+50