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[project @ 2004-05-07 19:14:54 by bursa]
Implement multitasking warning dialog. Warn user if resolvers not set. svn path=/import/netsurf/; revision=841
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@@ -78,6 +78,13 @@ InvalidURL:The address <em>%s</em> could not be understood.
NoMemory:NetSurf is running out of memory. Please free some memory and try again.
FontBadInst:An error occurred when initialising fonts due to the presence of obsolete copies of the ROM fonts on disc. NetSurf will exit and launch a program which will attempt to fix this.
FontError:Failed to open font "Homerton.Medium" (%s).
+Resolvers:No domain name servers are configured, so only browsing local files will be possible. Use Configure to set your name server(s).
+PathToURL:An error occurred converting the file path to an URL:
+SaveError:The file could not be saved due to an error:
+MenuError:An error occurred when opening the menu:
+DragError:An error occurred when dragging the icon:
+TbarError:An error occurred when constructing the toolbar:
+WimpError:An unexpected Window Manager error occurred:
# Some general purpose words and phrases
Bytes: B