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@@ -525,8 +525,8 @@ HelpToolbar8:\Thotlist button.|M\Sopen the hotlist management \w.|M\Aadd this ad
HelpToolbar9:\Tscale view button.|M\Sscale the page, affecting both text and images.
HelpToolbar10:\Tsearch button.|M\Sfind instances of a string of text on the page.
HelpToolbar13:\TURL bar.|MType in the address of a site to visit and press Return to go there.
-HelpToolbar14:\Tthrobber.|MIt animates while this \w is active.
-HelpToolbar15:\TURL suggestion icon.|M\Sopen a list of recently typed URLs.
+HelpToolbar14:\TURL suggestion icon.|M\Sopen a list of recently typed URLs.
+HelpToolbar15:\Tthrobber.|MIt animates while this \w is active.
HelpStatus0:\Tstatus bar resizer.|MDrag to alter the size of the status bar.
HelpStatus1:\Tstatus bar.|MIt displays information on what the browser \w is doing.