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-NetSurf Documentation for Developers
-The documents in this directory describe how the NetSurf code works, and any
-other information useful to developers.
-Directory Structure
-The source is split at top level as follows:
-content:: Fetching, managing, and converting content
-css:: CSS parser
-desktop:: Non-platform specific front-end
-image:: Image conversion
-render:: HTML processing and layout
-utils:: Misc. useful functions
-amiga::AmigaOS specific code
-beos::BeOS/Haiku specific code
-debug:: Unix debug build specific code
-framebuffer:: Framebuffer specific code
-gtk:: GTK specific code
-riscos:: RISC OS specific code
-Other Documentation
-RISC OS specific protocols:
-- Plugin[]
-- URI[]
-- URL[]
-- Nested WIMP[]
-- HTML 4.01[]
- (see also[])
-- XHTML 1.0[]
-- CSS 2.1[]
-- HTTP/1.1[]
- and errata[]
- (see also[])
-- HTTP Authentication[]
-- PNG[]
-- URI[]
- (see also[] and RFC 2616)
-- Cookies[] and
-Get these compiled for RISC OS with headers from
-- libxml (XML and HTML parser)[]
-- libcurl (HTTP, FTP, etc)[]
-- OSLib (C interface to RISC OS SWIs)[]
-- libmng (PNG, JNG, MNG support)[]
-- libjpeg (JPEG support)[]
-- zlib[]
-- OpenSSL (HTTPS support)[]
-Coding Style
-NetSurf's source is organised in modules. A module usually consists of a .c and
-.h file. For example the html module is in html.c and html.h.
-All functions (including static functions) in a module should start <module>_,
-for example html_create(), html_process_data(), etc. This makes functions easy
-to find and names unique through the source, which is helpful for backtraces,
-documentation, etc.
-Global variables in a module (including static) should also start <module>_.
-Static functions should all be declared at the top.
-Put functions in a logical order, for example any init function first, then
-functions it calls, then the next externally available function, functions it
-calls, etc.
-We use K&R (2nd edition ANSI C) style, tabs for indent, 80 characters wide,
-See for further
-information and examples.