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sets up some environment variables which enable NetSurf to find its
+ Selecting a frontend and appropriate options
+ The framebuffer port can operate on a number of frontends. A
+ frontend in this context is simply the combination of input and
+ output devices. A frontend output device may be any linearly mapped
+ area of memory. The framebuffer may be treated as values at 32, 16
+ or 8 bits per pixel. The input device is typically selected to
+ complement the output device and is completely specific to the
+ frontend.
+ There are several configuration options which may influence the
+ framebuffer frontends. These are:
+ fb_refresh - The refresh rate (for physical displays)
+ fb_depth - The depth (in bits per pixel) of the framebuffer
+ window_width - The width of the framebuffer
+ window_height - The height of the framebuffer
+ The defaults are for 800 by 600 pixels at 16bpp and 70Hz refresh rate.
+ There are currently four frontends:
+ linux Output to a Linux framebuffer and input from linux input
+ event device nodes. The output device is specified with
+ the fb_device option which defaults to /dev/fb0 . The
+ input nodes are searched for in the path specified by the
+ fb_input_devpath option which defaults to /dev/input/
+ sdl The SDL frontend is a straightforward port to the SDL library
+ which abstracts the input and output from the application and has
+ been targeted to several operating systems.
+ vnc The VNC server frontend uses the libvncserver library to
+ provide a straightforward unsecured VNC server, multiple
+ clients may connect.
+ able Output to the Simtec ABLE bootloader framebuffer and input
+ from its input device node.
Obtaining NetSurf's build dependencies