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update invalidate area core window API
slightly extends the invalidate core window API with error return and whole window invalidation. Also renames it to be more inline with browser window API call. cannot quite reuse browser window API yet as that applies scaling
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@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ The header that defines the callback interface is netsurf/core_window.h
The callback table contains five function pointer interfaces which the
frontend must implement for the core.
- - redraw_request
- request a redraw an area of a window
+ - invalidate
+ invalidate an area of a window
- update_size
Update the limits of the window
@@ -67,27 +67,29 @@ core to provide the necessary interactions with the frontend windowing
These actions should ideally use the standard frontend window
-processing. So for the GTK frontend when the core calls the redraw
+processing. So for the GTK frontend when the core calls the invalidate
operation it simply marks the area passed as damaged (using
gtk_widget_queue_draw_area()) and lets the standard expose event cause
-the redraw to occour.
+the redraw to occur.
If the frontend needs to redraw an area of a window (perhaps an expose
-event occoured) it must call the corewindoe API wrappers
-implementation e.g in the case of ssl certificate viewer
+event occurred or the window has had an area marked as invalid) it
+must call the core window API wrappers implementation which will
+perform the plot operations required to update an area of the window.
+e.g in the case of ssl certificate viewer
void sslcert_viewer_redraw(struct sslcert_session_data *ssl_d,
int x, int y, struct rect *clip,
const struct redraw_context *ctx);
-which will perform the plot operations required to update an area of
-the window for that SSL data.
+would perform the plot operations for that SSL data window.
The usage pattern that is expected is for a frontend to create a core
-window impementation that implements the necessary five API in a
+window implementation that implements the necessary five API in a
generic way and allows the frontend to provide the specific
specialisation for each of the user interface elements it wishes to
use (cookies, SSL viewer etc).
@@ -95,7 +97,7 @@ use (cookies, SSL viewer etc).
The GTK frontend for example:
has source corewindow.[ch] which implement the five core callbacks
-using generic GTK operations (redraw_request calls
+using generic GTK operations (invalidate calls
gtk_widget_queue_draw_area() etc.) and then provides additional
operations on a GTK drawing area object to attach expose event
processing, keypress processing etc.
@@ -110,7 +112,7 @@ calls sslcert_viewer_init() directly.
frontend skeleton
-An example core window implementation for a frontend ssl certficiate
+An example core window implementation for a frontend ssl certificate
viewer is presented here. This implements the suggested usage above
and provides generic corewindow helpers.
@@ -313,8 +315,8 @@ example_cw_draw_event(toolkit_widget *widget,
* callback from core to request a redraw
-static void
-example_cw_redraw_request(struct core_window *cw, const struct rect *r)
+static nserror
+example_cw_invalidate(struct core_window *cw, const struct rect *r)
struct example_corewindow *example_cw = (struct example_corewindow *)cw;
@@ -362,7 +364,7 @@ example_cw_drag_status(struct core_window *cw, core_window_drag_status ds)
struct core_window_callback_table example_cw_cb_table = {
- .redraw_request = example_cw_redraw_request,
+ .invalidate = example_cw_invalidate,
.update_size = example_cw_update_size,
.scroll_visible = example_cw_scroll_visible,
.get_window_dimensions = example_cw_get_window_dimensions,