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-$Id: TODO-NCOS,v 0.0 2004/07/19 18:06:25 atimmins Exp $
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TODO-General for NCNetSurf.
@@ -7,11 +7,12 @@ This file documents general things which need doing.
Tidy up 'kiosk' theme support (right now it's a bodge!)
Tidy up templates to give better layout on widescreen displays
-Finish keyboard based page navigation support (this will also be munged into NetSurf)
+Finish keyboard based page navigation support (this will also be available for vanilla NetSurf)
Unset unsued, and claim used NCFresco & NCBrowse system variables
Make compatible with default NC applications such as !Sennen & NCConfig (This will be semicomplete when the NCFresco & NCBrowse system variables are claimed!)
Create fancy HTML based pages for the following:
* Welcome
* Help
* About / Credits
- * SmartCard information (not required but Acorn's look awful!)
+ * SmartCard Info/Action (not required but Acorn's look awful!)