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Generate AmigaOS version string in correct format, taking:
netsurf_version_major from desktop/version.c as version SVN revision from local repository as revision This should ensure that the internal version number will increase correctly (version and revision are treated as seperate values > 0), whereas NetSurf's public release version (currently coming up to 2.0) is not guaranteed to be in legal AmigaOS format or increase validly under AmigaOS rules. The internal version string has been added for future AmiUpdate support as well as making it easier to see and compare versions of interim builds. amiga/version.c can safely be removed from the source list when cross-compiling (where ARexx is not available), or manually created, as it only defines this internal version string and does not contain any code. amiga/version.c is automatically removed after linking to ensure it always reflects the current SVN revision. svn path=/trunk/netsurf/; revision=5510
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@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ S_DEBUG := $(addprefix debug/,$(S_DEBUG))
# S_AMIGA are sources purely for the Amiga build
S_AMIGA := compat.c gui.c tree.c history.c hotlist.c schedule.c \
thumbnail.c misc.c bitmap.c font.c filetype.c utf8.c login.c \
- plotters.c object.c menu.c save_pdf.c arexx.c
+ plotters.c object.c menu.c save_pdf.c arexx.c version.c
S_AMIGA := $(addprefix amiga/,$(S_AMIGA))
# S_FRAMEBUFFER are sources purely for the framebuffer build