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Updated comments on RISC OS HOST determination issue.
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all: all-program
# Determine host type
-# NOTE: Currently, this is broken on RISC OS due to what appear to be bugs
-# in UnixLib's pipe()/dup2() implementations.
+# NOTE: HOST determination on RISC OS could fail because of missing bug fixes
+# in UnixLib which only got addressed in UnixLib 5 / GCCSDK 4.
# When you don't have 'uname' available, you will see:
# File 'uname' not found
-# but when you do, you will see:
+# When you do and using a 'uname' compiled with a buggy UnixLib, you
+# will see the following printed on screen:
# In both cases HOST make variable is empty and we recover from that by
# assuming we're building on RISC OS.
+# In case you don't see anything printed (including the warning), you
+# have an update to date RISC OS build sytem. ;-)
HOST := $(shell uname -s)
ifeq ($(HOST),)
HOST := riscos