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+@author Chris Young
+@node Main "NetSurf"
+@{b}NetSurf@{ub} Amiga-specific documentation
+@{"Command line options" link cli}
+@{"Options file " link options}
+@{"ARexx port " link arexx}
+@node cli "Command line options"
+NetSurf URL
+URL = address of page to open on startup.
+@node options "Options file"
+The options file is stored in Resources/Options by default. The following options are specific to the Amiga version although there are other relevant options in the file:
+@{b}url_file@{ub} Path to URL database file
+@{b}hotlist_file@{ub} Path to Hotlist file
+@{b}use_workbench@{ub} Open NetSurf in a window on Workbench screen (default is to open a custom screen)
+@{b}screen_modeid@{ub} Mode ID for NetSurf's custom screen
+@{b}toolbar_images@{ub} Path to toolbar images (default is TBImages:, which is AISS - see
+@{b}no_iframes@{ub} Disable IFrames
+@{b}clipboard_write_utf8@{ub} Write UTF-8 strings to the clipboard along with a charset identifier (when this option is 0, NetSurf will convert copied strings to local charset)
+@{b}throbber_frames@{ub} Number of frames in Resources/Throbber file (must be a flat image file with first image inactive)
+@{b}truecolour_mouse_pointers@{ub} Use 32-bit mouse pointers, when disabled NetSurf will use old-style 4 colour images (see Resources/Pointers)
+@{b}os_mouse_pointers@{ub} Don't override default and busy mouse pointers
+@{b}always_open_tabs@{ub} Force opening tabs instead of windows (actually swaps the functions so ctrl-click now opens windows and middle mouse button opens tabs)
+@{b}new_tab_is_active@{ub} Make new tab the active one
+@{b}kiosk_mode@{ub} No gadgets
+@{b}recent_file@{ub} Path to file to store recent history list
+@node arexx "ARexx port"
+NetSurf's ARexx port is called NETSURF.
+Commands are:
+@{b}OPEN URL/A@{ub} Opens URL in a new window
+@{b}QUIT@{ub} Quits NetSurf