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remove the die API from the core.
The die() API for abnormal termination does not belong within the core of netsurf and instead errors are propogated back to the callers. This is the final part of this change and the API is now only used within some parts of the frontends
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diff --git a/beos/gui.h b/beos/gui.h
index 6689bd81a..215cda8b1 100644
--- a/beos/gui.h
+++ b/beos/gui.h
@@ -67,3 +67,12 @@ void nsbeos_gui_view_source(struct hlcache_handle *content);
image_id nsbeos_find_app_path(char *path);
void nsbeos_update_system_ui_colors(void);
+ * Cause an abnormal program termination.
+ *
+ * \note This never returns and is intended to terminate without any cleanup.
+ *
+ * \param error The message to display to the user.
+ */
+void die(const char * const error) __attribute__ ((noreturn));