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authorMichael Drake <>2013-05-07 14:41:40 +0100
committerMichael Drake <>2013-05-07 14:41:40 +0100
commit3afd9c97310d58c0c6588d18887244328590731e (patch)
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Remove search context from browser window, simplify search interface for front ends.
Added content interface for search. Removed bw->cur_search search context. Desktop layer now does nothing except pass search requests from front end onto the bw's current_content via the content interface. Search API reduced to a pair of functions at each level: {desktop|content|html|textplain}_search and {desktop|content|html|textplain}_search_clear Updated front ends to use simplified search API. Only tested GTK and RO builds. These confine the search stuff to render/. However search still uses struct selection. The handling for which is still spread over desktop/ and render/. Also the render/search code itself still fiddles inside html and textplain privates.
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diff --git a/cocoa/SearchWindowController.m b/cocoa/SearchWindowController.m
index 858ed0e0d..06147fa1a 100644
--- a/cocoa/SearchWindowController.m
+++ b/cocoa/SearchWindowController.m
@@ -76,15 +76,13 @@ static struct gui_search_callbacks cocoa_search_callbacks = {
if (selectAll) flags |= SEARCH_FLAG_SHOWALL;
struct browser_window *bw = [browser browser];
- if (bw != NULL && browser_window_search_verify_new( bw, &cocoa_search_callbacks, self )) {
- browser_window_search_step( bw, flags, [searchString UTF8String] );
- }
+ browser_window_search( bw, &cocoa_search_callbacks, self, flags, [searchString UTF8String] );
- (IBAction) searchStringDidChange: (id) sender;
struct browser_window *bw = [browser browser];
- browser_window_search_destroy_context( bw );
+ browser_window_search_clear( bw );
[self setCanGoBack: YES];
[self setCanGoForward: YES];