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authorMichael Drake <>2012-10-08 20:22:04 +0100
committerMichael Drake <>2012-10-08 20:22:04 +0100
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Port urldb to nsurl. Won't build since rest of NS needs ported to new urldb API.
+ urldb API now takes URLs as nsurl, rather than string. + urldb internally stores full URLs with nsurl ref. + urldb internally stores schemes as lwc_string. + Load and save of cookies and URL file may be slower since we now need to create a nsurl. + Everything else should be faster, and there should be much less allocating/freeing and much less parsing of the same url over and over again. + Updated urldbtest for new urldb API. + urldbtest now cleans up at the end + Added lwc_string itterator to end of urldbtest + Adding some broken URLs (such as http:domain/) will now work, since nsurl fixes (http://domain/) them.
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1 files changed, 22 insertions, 23 deletions
diff --git a/content/urldb.h b/content/urldb.h
index bbf378332..00af8e312 100644
--- a/content/urldb.h
+++ b/content/urldb.h
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
#include <time.h>
#include "content/content.h"
#include "content/content_type.h"
+#include "utils/nsurl.h"
typedef enum {
@@ -69,44 +70,43 @@ void urldb_destroy(void);
/* Persistence support */
void urldb_load(const char *filename);
void urldb_save(const char *filename);
-void urldb_set_url_persistence(const char *url, bool persist);
+void urldb_set_url_persistence(nsurl *url, bool persist);
/* URL insertion */
-bool urldb_add_url(const char *url);
+bool urldb_add_url(nsurl *url);
struct host_part *urldb_add_host(const char *host);
-struct path_data *urldb_add_path(const char *scheme,
- unsigned int port, const struct host_part *host,
- const char *path, const char *query, const char *fragment,
- const char *url);
+struct path_data *urldb_add_path(lwc_string *scheme, unsigned int port,
+ const struct host_part *host, char *path_query,
+ lwc_string *fragment, nsurl *url);
/* URL data modification / lookup */
-void urldb_set_url_title(const char *url, const char *title);
-void urldb_set_url_content_type(const char *url, content_type type);
-void urldb_update_url_visit_data(const char *url);
-void urldb_reset_url_visit_data(const char *url);
-const struct url_data *urldb_get_url_data(const char *url);
-const char *urldb_get_url(const char *url);
+void urldb_set_url_title(nsurl *url, const char *title);
+void urldb_set_url_content_type(nsurl *url, content_type type);
+void urldb_update_url_visit_data(nsurl *url);
+void urldb_reset_url_visit_data(nsurl *url);
+const struct url_data *urldb_get_url_data(nsurl *url);
+nsurl *urldb_get_url(nsurl *url);
/* Authentication modification / lookup */
-void urldb_set_auth_details(const char *url, const char *realm,
+void urldb_set_auth_details(nsurl *url, const char *realm,
const char *auth);
-const char *urldb_get_auth_details(const char *url, const char *realm);
+const char *urldb_get_auth_details(nsurl *url, const char *realm);
/* SSL certificate permissions */
-void urldb_set_cert_permissions(const char *url, bool permit);
-bool urldb_get_cert_permissions(const char *url);
+void urldb_set_cert_permissions(nsurl *url, bool permit);
+bool urldb_get_cert_permissions(nsurl *url);
/* Thumbnail handling */
-void urldb_set_thumbnail(const char *url, struct bitmap *bitmap);
-struct bitmap *urldb_get_thumbnail(const char *url);
+void urldb_set_thumbnail(nsurl *url, struct bitmap *bitmap);
+struct bitmap *urldb_get_thumbnail(nsurl *url);
/* URL completion */
void urldb_iterate_partial(const char *prefix,
- bool (*callback)(const char *url,
+ bool (*callback)(nsurl *url,
const struct url_data *data));
/* Iteration */
-void urldb_iterate_entries(bool (*callback)(const char *url,
+void urldb_iterate_entries(bool (*callback)(nsurl *url,
const struct url_data *data));
void urldb_iterate_cookies(bool (*callback)(const struct cookie_data *cookie));
@@ -114,9 +114,8 @@ void urldb_iterate_cookies(bool (*callback)(const struct cookie_data *cookie));
void urldb_dump(void);
/* Cookies */
-bool urldb_set_cookie(const char *header, const char *url,
- const char *referer);
-char *urldb_get_cookie(const char *url);
+bool urldb_set_cookie(const char *header, nsurl *url, nsurl *referer);
+char *urldb_get_cookie(nsurl *url);
void urldb_delete_cookie(const char *domain, const char *path, const char *name);
void urldb_load_cookies(const char *filename);
void urldb_save_cookies(const char *filename);