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remove urldb_add_host and path from public API
The urldb_add_host and urldb_add_path API were only public for the urldb test code which was calling them incorrectly in any case as the url bloom filters were not updated so serialising and adding data to entries was inconsistent. This also changes the tests to use the urldb_add_url API which is less buggy and results in a smaller, cleaner urldb API.
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diff --git a/content/urldb.h b/content/urldb.h
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--- a/content/urldb.h
+++ b/content/urldb.h
@@ -138,29 +138,4 @@ bool urldb_set_cookie(const char *header, struct nsurl *url, struct nsurl *refer
char *urldb_get_cookie(struct nsurl *url, bool include_http_only);
- * Add a host to the database, creating any intermediate entries
- *
- * \param host Hostname to add
- * \return Pointer to leaf node, or NULL on memory exhaustion
- */
-struct host_part *urldb_add_host(const char *host);
- * Add a path to the database, creating any intermediate entries
- *
- * \param scheme URL scheme associated with path
- * \param port Port number on host associated with path
- * \param host Host tree node to attach to
- * \param path_query Absolute path plus query to add (freed)
- * \param fragment URL fragment, or NULL
- * \param url URL (fragment ignored)
- * \return Pointer to leaf node, or NULL on memory exhaustion
- */
-struct path_data *urldb_add_path(lwc_string *scheme, unsigned int port,
- const struct host_part *host, char *path_query,
- lwc_string *fragment, struct nsurl *url);