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<riscos-prm doc-group="NetSurf User's Manual">
<chapter title="NetSurf Themes">
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<list type="unordered">
<item><p> A template editor </p></item>
<item><p> A sprite file editor </p></item>
- <item><p> A text editor </p></item>
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<section title="Creating Templates">
<p>The best way to go about creating a new theme is to take the templates for the default theme and edit them with a template editor.</p>
- <p>The templates file must contain two templates. One is "toolbar", the other is "theme_info".</p>
+ <p>The templates file must contain one template. It should be called "toolbar".</p>
<subsection title="Toolbar">
- <p>The toolbar template must contain the following icons:
+ <p>The toolbar template must contain the following icons, which <strong>must</strong> be numbered (as indicated in parentheses):
<list type="unordered">
- <item><p> Back Button </p></item>
- <item><p> Refresh Button </p></item>
- <item><p> Forwards Button </p></item>
- <item><p> Throbber </p></item>
- <item><p> URL entry bar </p></item>
- <item><p> Status bar </p></item>
+ <item><p> Throbber (1)</p></item>
+ <item><p> URL entry bar (2)</p></item>
+ <item><p> Status bar (3)</p></item>
+ <item><p> Back Button (4)</p></item>
+ <item><p> Refresh Button (5)</p></item>
- <subsection title="Theme Info">
- <p>The theme_info template details the theme in a graphical manner. It is similar to a program info dialogue box and should be treated as such. Again, the Default theme is a good source of reference.</p>
- </subsection>
<section title="Sprites">
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<p>You may optionally provide a preview sprite for display in the theme configuration dialogue box. The sprite must be in a file called "Preview" and the sprite itself must be called "preview".</p>
- <section title="Text Files">
- <p>There are two text files which also make up the theme.</p>
- <subsection title="Icon Names">
- <p>The IconNames text file provides the link between the template and the program. Each icon has a name defined internally by NetSurf (eg TOOLBAR_BACK). It is necessary to map these internal names to the icon numbers in the template. See the default theme for reference. All icons should be defined.</p>
- </subsection>
- <subsection title="Icon Sizes">
- <p>The IconSizes text file is best left alone. Simply copy the one from the default theme into your theme.</p>
- </subsection>
- </section>
<section title="Packaging your Theme">
<p>The default packaging for NetSurf themes is simply a folder named the same as your theme name (eg "Clear" for the Clear theme). Simply place all the files for your theme into a single directory, name the directory appropriately and create a Zip archive containing your theme.</p>
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