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diff --git a/framebuffer/fbtk.h b/framebuffer/fbtk.h
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--- a/framebuffer/fbtk.h
+++ b/framebuffer/fbtk.h
@@ -291,6 +291,7 @@ bool fbtk_set_pos_and_size(fbtk_widget_t *widget, int x, int y, int width, int h
* @param x x-coordinate of caret top
* @param y y-coordinate of caret top
* @param height height of caret
+ * @param remove_caret callback when caret is removed.
void fbtk_set_caret(fbtk_widget_t *widget, bool set, int x, int y, int height,
void (*remove_caret)(fbtk_widget_t *widget));
@@ -452,14 +453,18 @@ void fbtk_reposition_vscroll(fbtk_widget_t *scrollv,
* Create a widget which is to be handled entirely by the calling application.
* @param window The window to add the user widget to.
- * @param pw The private pointer which can be read using ::fbtk_get_pw
+ * @param x X coordinate of widget.
+ * @param y Y coordinate of widget.
+ * @param width Width of the widget
+ * @param height Height of the widget
+ * @param pw The private pointer which can be read using ::fbtk_get_userpw
* @return new widget handle or NULL on error.
fbtk_widget_t *fbtk_create_user(fbtk_widget_t *window, int x, int y, int width, int height, void *pw);
- * Get the private context from a widget
+ * Get the user context from a widget
* @param widget The widget to get the context from.
* @return The context or NULL.