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diff --git a/!NetSurf/!Run,feb b/!NetSurf/!Run,feb
index eaa39a0fd..f971def6b 100644
--- a/!NetSurf/!Run,feb
+++ b/!NetSurf/!Run,feb
@@ -41,10 +41,5 @@ RMEnsure MimeMap 0.10 Error NetSurf requires MimeMap 0.10 or later
RMEnsure Tinct 0.02 Run <NetSurf$Dir>.Resources.Tinct
RMEnsure Tinct 0.02 Error NetSurf requires Tinct 0.02 or later
-| drag the 'next' slot in the task manager to something huge and ridiculous,
-| and/or increase the number below
-Wimpslot -min 2750k -max 2750k
-Set NetSurf$running "yes"
-<NetSurf$Dir>.!RunImage 2><NetSurf$Dir>.stderr
-UnSet NetSurf$running
+Wimpslot -min 2000k -max 2000k
+Run <NetSurf$Dir>.!RunImage 2><NetSurf$Dir>.stderr \ No newline at end of file