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@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ HelpToolbar3:\Treload button.|M\Sreload this page.|M\Areload this page and any o
HelpToolbar4:\Thome button.|M\Sgo to your home page.
HelpToolbar5:\Thistory button.|M\Sopen the local history \w.
HelpToolbar6:\Tsave button.|M\Ssave the current document.
-#HelpToolbar7:\Tprint button.|M\Sprint this page.|MOpens a print dialogue box.
+HelpToolbar7:\Tprint button.|M\Sopen the print dialogue box.
HelpToolbar8:\Thotlist button.|M\Sopen the hotlist management \w.|M\Aadd this address to the hotlist.
HelpToolbar9:\Tscale view button.|M\Sscale the page, affecting both text and images.
HelpToolbar10:\Tsearch button.|M\Sfind instances of a string of text on the page.
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ HelpBrowserMenu0-4:\Rsave the address of the current page.
HelpBrowserMenu0-4-0:\Rsave the current address in Acorn URI format.
HelpBrowserMenu0-4-1:\Rsave the current address in Ant URL format.
HelpBrowserMenu0-4-2:\Rsave the current address as plain text.
-#HelpBrowserMenu0-5:\Sopen the print dialogue box.
+HelpBrowserMenu0-5:\Sopen the print dialogue box.
HelpBrowserMenu0-6:\Sopen the current page in a new window.
HelpBrowserMenu0-7:\Sview the source code of the current page in a text editor.
HelpBrowserMenu1:\Rsee the options relating to the current item.
@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ HelpBrowserMenu1-3-1:\Rsave the current item's address in Ant URL format.
HelpBrowserMenu1-3-2:\Rsave the current item's address as plain text.
HelpBrowserMenu1-4:\Sreload all the items on this page.
HelpBrowserMenu2:\Rsee the navigation options.
-#HelpBrowserMenu2-0:\Sreturn to the configured home page.
+HelpBrowserMenu2-0:\Sreturn to the configured home page.
HelpBrowserMenu2-1:\Sgo back a page in the local history.|MForm information is not resubmitted.
HelpBrowserMenu2-2:\Sstep forward a page in the local history.|MForm information is not resubmitted.
HelpBrowserMenu2-3:\Sfetch the current page again.