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-<head><title>Welcome to NetSurf</title></head>
- <p>&nbsp;</p>
-<center><h1 style="color: #f00">NetSurf - the RISC OS web browser</h1></center>
- <p>&nbsp;</p>
- <p><i style="color: #f00">NetSurf</i> is a new web browser for computers running <i>RISC OS</i>.
- This welcome page needs more work. In the mean time, why not visit the <a href="">SourceForge development area</a>?</p>
- <p>To use <i>NetSurf</i>, type in a http:// or file:/ URL at the top of the window, then hit Return. Drag with Select or Adjust to highlight text; clicking Select clears any current selection. Click on a link with Select to follow it, or with Adjust to open it in a new window. Links are currently shown in bold and italic rather than the traditional underlined blue.</p>
- <p>You can now quit <i>NetSurf</i> using the icon bar menu.</p>
- <p>&nbsp;</p>
-<tr><td width=50%>
- <h2>Mailing list</h2>
- <p>There is a mailing list where you can discuss development (from a user's perspective as well as a programmer's) or point out any bugs you have spotted.</p>
- <p>To subscribe, send a message to <a href=""></a> with the subject <i>subscribe password</i>, replacing <i>password</i> with an identification of your choice. (The password is only used for subsequently configuring your account; it is not secure).</p>
-</td><td width=50%>
- <h2>Test pages</h2>
- <p><a href="">Test JPEG image</a></p>
- <p><a href="">Test for Unicode support</a></p>
- <p>&nbsp;</p>
- <h2>Known bugs</h2>
- <p>Please see the <a href="bugs.html">known bugs page</a>.</p>
- <p>&nbsp;</p>
- <h2>Contacting the developers</h2>
- <p>Details are available from the <a href="">development area</a>.
- </td></tr>
- </table>