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on ppc.
- Building and executing NetSurf
+ Building NetSurf
- After installing the dependencies NetSurf can be built in Xcode using the
- provided project file "NetSurf.xcodeproj". This builds a version using only
- the minimal set of dependencies (LibParserUtils, LibWapcaplet, Hubbub,
- LibCSS) and libraries provided by Mac OS X.
+ After installing the dependencies NetSurf can be built either using the Xcode
+ project file 'cocoa/NetSurf.xcodeproj' or on the command line using the
+ Makefile:
- To build a more complete version a local configuration file has to be
- created. To do this open a Terminal and change to the "cocoa/config"
- folder and run this command:
- $ sh --with-jpeg=<prefix for libjpeg> --with-mng=<prefix for libmng>
- You can leave out the options for the JPEG and MNG libraries if you don't
- have them installed.
- This script uses the "pkg-config" program to find the required libraries
- and generates the file "local.xcconfig". After that NetSurf can be built
- using Xcode.
+ $ make TARGET=cocoa
+ In both cases the actual build process is controlled by the Makefile.
Obtaining NetSurf's build dependencies