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then several configuration options are available. If the simple
bitmap glyphs are used none of these options apply.
+ Font faces are provided for the css default styles of sans serif,
+ serif, monospace, cursive and fantasy. Only the sans serif
+ non-italic normal weight font is required to exist, If any of the
+ other faces are missing the sans serif font will be used instead.
+ The compiled in default font file paths are specified within the
+ build time Makefile.config. The default faces is the truetype DejaVu
+ font set in the directory /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-dejavu/
The font glyphs are, by default, rendered as 256 level transparency
which gives excellent visual results even on small font sizes.
- The default font is the Vera truetype font set. The default path they
- are sourced from is /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-bitstream-vera/ .
The font selection may be changed by placing truetype font files
in the resources path. The resource files will be the generic names
- sans_serif.ttf, sans_serif_bold.ttf etc. The selection may also be
- overridden by setting options.
+ sans_serif.ttf, sans_serif_bold.ttf etc.
+ The font system is configured at run-time by several options:
- The font system is configured at run-time by several options. The
- fb_font_monochrome option causes the renderer to use monochrome
- glyph rendering which is faster to plot but slower to render and
- much less visually appealing. The remaining seven options control
- the files to be used for font faces.
+ fb_font_monochrome
+ This option causes the renderer to use monochrome glyph
+ rendering. This method of rendering is much less visually
+ appealing and while faster to plot it is slower to render.
+ fb_font_cachesize
+ This option sets the number of kilobytes of memory set aside for
+ caching the rendered glyphs. This caching significantly improves
+ the performance of using the freetype rendering system. It is set
+ to 2048 by default (2 Megabytes of memory) which impiracle testing
+ shows to be a suitable value for the seven default faces.
+ The remaining options control the files to be used for font faces. The
+ font file name options will override both the compiled in paths and
+ files found in the resource path.
fb_face_sans_serif - The sans serif face
fb_face_sans_serif_bold - The bold sans serif face
fb_face_sans_serif_italic - The italic sans serif face
fb_face_sans_serif_italic_bold - The bold italic sans serif face.
- fb_face_monospace - The monospaced font
fb_face_serif - The serif font
- fb_serif_bold - The bold serif font
+ fb_face_serif_bold - The bold serif font
+ fb_face_monospace - The monospaced font
+ fb_face_monospace_bold - The bold monospaced font
+ fb_face_cursive - The cursive font
+ fb_face_fantasy - The fantasy font