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@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ There are a couple of Amiga-specific options which can only be changed directly
@{b}redraw_tile_size_x@{ub}/@{b}redraw_tile_size_y@{ub} Specify the size of the off-screen bitmap. Higher will speed up redraws at the expense of memory. 0 disables tiling (will use a bitmap at least the size of the screen NetSurf is running on)
@{b}font_antialiasing@{ub} Switch text anti-aliasing on or off. Defaults to on in true-colour modes, but text rendering performance can be improved by setting to 0.
@{b}window_simple_refresh@{ub} If set to 1, NetSurf will use SimpleRefresh rather than SmartRefresh windows. These have slower redraw but use less memory. Note that this setting has no noticeable effect if compositing is enabled. Defaults to 0 (SmartRefresh)
+@{b}web_search_width@{ub} Defaults to 0. Larger values will increase the size of the web search gadget next to the URL bar.
@{b}dithering_quality@{ub} Specify the dithering quality from all values supported by picture.datatype. Currently these are 0=None, 1=Normal, 2=High quality. Other values are undefined. This is only used when NetSurf is running in palette-mapped mode.
@{b}mask_alpha@{ub} Threshold to use when determining which alpha values to convert to full transparency (0 - 255, where 255 will convert even opaque pixels to transparent). Defaults to 50 (0x32). This is only used in palette-mapped modes where alpha blending is not currently supported.