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@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ There are a couple of Amiga-specific options which can only be changed directly
@{b}printer_unit@{ub} Specifies which printer.device unit to print to
@{b}drag_save_icons@{ub} Enables displaying Workbench-style transparent icons under the pointer when performing drag saves (ctrl-drag of objects available if NetSurf is running on the Workbench screen) and text selection drags. If set to 0 the pointer style will change instead. OS 4.0 users may want to set this to 0 as icons will appear opaque and obscure the drop position.
@{b}cairo_renderer@{ub} Set rendering engine (SObjs version only). 0 = graphics.library, 1 = Cairo/graphics.library mixed (recommended), 2 = Full Cairo.
+@{b}widescreen@{ub} Correct aspect ratio for widescreen displays.
@{b}url_file@{ub} Path to URL database file
@{b}hotlist_file@{ub} Path to Hotlist file