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diff --git a/frontends/amiga/ctxmenu.h b/frontends/amiga/ctxmenu.h
index 08a5fe582..39a838702 100644
--- a/frontends/amiga/ctxmenu.h
+++ b/frontends/amiga/ctxmenu.h
@@ -75,10 +75,11 @@ struct Menu *ami_ctxmenu_history_create(int direction, struct gui_window_2 *gwin
* Create ClickTab context menu
* \param gwin struct gui_window_2 *
- * \returns pointer to menu (for convenience, is also stored in gwin structure)
+ * \param clicktab_obj ptr to memory to hold clicktab menu object
+ * \returns pointer to menu (for convenience)
* The returned pointer MUST be disposed of with DisposeObject before program exit.
-struct Menu *ami_ctxmenu_clicktab_create(struct gui_window_2 *gwin);
+struct Menu *ami_ctxmenu_clicktab_create(struct gui_window_2 *gwin, Object **clicktab_obj);
#else //__amigaos4__
inline void ami_ctxmenu_init(void) {}