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diff --git a/render/box.h b/render/box.h
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--- a/render/box.h
+++ b/render/box.h
@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@
* This file is part of NetSurf,
* Licensed under the GNU General Public License,
- * Copyright 2004 James Bursa <>
+ * Copyright 2005 James Bursa <>
* Copyright 2003 Phil Mellor <>
/** \file
- * Conversion of XML tree to box tree (interface).
+ * Box tree construction and manipulation (interface).
* This stage of rendering converts a tree of xmlNodes (produced by libxml2)
* to a tree of struct box. The box tree represents the structure of the
@@ -231,20 +231,21 @@ struct column {
-bool xml_to_box(xmlNode *n, struct content *c);
-void box_dump(struct box *box, unsigned int depth);
struct box * box_create(struct css_style *style,
const char *href, const char *title,
const char *id, pool box_pool);
-void box_add_child(struct box * parent, struct box *child);
+void box_add_child(struct box *parent, struct box *child);
void box_insert_sibling(struct box *box, struct box *new_box);
void box_free(struct box *box);
+void box_free_box(struct box *box);
+void box_free_object_params(struct object_params *op);
void box_coords(struct box *box, int *x, int *y);
struct box *box_at_point(struct box *box, int x, int y,
int *box_x, int *box_y,
struct content **content);
struct box *box_object_at_point(struct content *c, int x, int y);
struct box *box_find_by_id(struct box *box, const char *id);
+void box_dump(struct box *box, unsigned int depth);
bool box_vscrollbar_present(const struct box *box);
bool box_hscrollbar_present(const struct box *box);
@@ -256,4 +257,8 @@ void box_scrollbar_dimensions(const struct box *box,
int *well_width,
int *bar_left, int *bar_width);
+bool xml_to_box(xmlNode *n, struct content *c);
+bool box_normalise_block(struct box *block, pool box_pool);