Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Initial attempt to document the core window interfaceVincent Sanders2016-10-241-0/+108
* Disable triangle mode for bitmap scalingChris Young2016-10-231-2/+14
* remove unused variable in windows frontendVincent Sanders2016-10-201-3/+3
* allow windows frontend to load and store urldb filesVincent Sanders2016-10-191-5/+67
* windows frontend netsurf optionsVincent Sanders2016-10-194-1/+41
* fix windows user preferences location storageVincent Sanders2016-10-195-21/+127
* remove unused extraneous windows fileVincent Sanders2016-10-192-4/+0
* fix curl/openssl library link orderingVincent Sanders2016-10-192-3/+7
* UA style: Simplify HR style.Michael Drake2016-10-131-3/+2
* Table cell nowrap attribute is presentational hint, not UA style.Michael Drake2016-10-134-2/+21
* allow gtk3 target in CI systemVincent Sanders2016-10-081-0/+33
* env: add m68k-unknown-amigaosJohn-Mark Bell2016-10-051-0/+6
* fix gtk install target to cope with gtk3Vincent Sanders2016-10-055-23/+60
* fix gtk3 build with corewindowVincent Sanders2016-10-051-4/+0
* fix framebuffer install rulesVincent Sanders2016-10-051-1/+1
* addjust posix feature level for openbsd 6 buildVincent Sanders2016-10-011-1/+1
* complete transition to locale independant core operationVincent Sanders2016-09-296-116/+6
* fix use of default image on menu entries for gtk frontendVincent Sanders2016-09-271-25/+58
* Utils: Remove redundant (using libnspsl now).Michael Drake2016-09-261-378/+0
* Style: Fix ignoring of STYLE elements with non-screen media.Michael Drake2016-09-244-0/+43
* enable use of netsurf public suffix library to prevent supercookiesVincent Sanders2016-09-204-1/+24
* remove junk references to old javascript implementationsVincent Sanders2016-09-195-52/+10
* Add documentation on the cookie version fieldVincent Sanders2016-09-131-0/+8
* remove cookie manage display of the no_delete booleanVincent Sanders2016-09-131-26/+0
* if the cookie is a session cookie indicate itVincent Sanders2016-09-133-1/+14
* cleanup seevral doxygen warningsVincent Sanders2016-09-1310-15/+18
* make html content line parsing use no locale dependant ascii processingVincent Sanders2016-09-121-7/+7
* use ascii processing when determining form charsetVincent Sanders2016-09-121-9/+10
* prevent memory leaks on realloc faliureVincent Sanders2016-09-121-65/+82
* fix formatting to be consistant spaces instead of partially width 4 tabsVincent Sanders2016-09-121-1331/+1331
* make box construction use correct ascii processingVincent Sanders2016-09-111-57/+66
* simplify box_extract_link interface and improve documentationVincent Sanders2016-09-113-30/+33
* change save complete to use ascii character manipulationVincent Sanders2016-09-111-7/+8
* improve cookie time display and document locale interactionVincent Sanders2016-09-101-39/+86
* make urldb parsing of ascii data explicitVincent Sanders2016-09-101-7/+10
* document file fetcher being locale dependantVincent Sanders2016-09-101-1/+5
* Correct the function definitions so the ARexx port works on OS3 (untested)Chris Young2016-09-101-33/+39
* If NetSurf is already running, ensure when we open a new tab that it becomes ...Chris Young2016-09-102-10/+6
* document ACTIVEChris Young2016-09-101-1/+2
* Add an ACTIVE switch to the OPEN ARexx command to force new tabs to be activeChris Young2016-09-103-10/+24
* Stop passing NSOPTS/M back to the coreChris Young2016-09-101-22/+6
* Scale using "triangle mode" to avoid corruption at the edge of bitmapsChris Young2016-09-101-9/+38
* Attempt to preserve timestampsChris Young2016-09-071-13/+13
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Young2016-09-072-36/+67
| * make monkey frontend mime type processing use explicit ascii processingVincent Sanders2016-09-071-20/+38
| * make GTK frontend mime type processing use explicit ascii processingVincent Sanders2016-09-071-16/+29
* | When opening a new blank tab, always switch to it.Chris Young2016-09-042-5/+16
* | Only bring the screen to the front if an active tab is being opened via re-la...Chris Young2016-09-041-1/+6
* | Bring screen to front when new window/tab is opened be launching NetSurf a se...Chris Young2016-09-041-1/+2
* Duktape: Prevent clang static analysis.Michael Drake2016-08-311-0/+3