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* NETSURF_USE_DRAW should apply to the Draw content handler only.John Mark Bell2009-06-201-1/+5
* Update framebuffer paths to use PREFIX, add install-framebuffer targetDaniel Silverstone2009-04-211-3/+6
* Add a PREFIX variable which the GTK install can useDaniel Silverstone2009-04-211-2/+5
* Kill more debug targetJohn Mark Bell2009-04-211-10/+0
* Enable libpng by default.John Mark Bell2009-04-211-1/+1
* BeOS/Haiku installation target (credit: Matt Madia)John Mark Bell2009-04-171-0/+9
* Hubbub is no longer optional.John Mark Bell2009-04-171-16/+0
* Rename Makefile.config to Makefile.defaults and update the docsDaniel Silverstone2009-03-271-0/+241