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* Implemented mouse dragging and code for select forms (which works but the men...Chris Young2008-08-182-45/+168
* Add links to resource files.John Tytgat2008-08-178-0/+8
* Reversed order of running a callback and removing it from the schedule list, ...Chris Young2008-08-171-13/+3
* Close fonts properly and default back to initial RastPort font.Chris Young2008-08-176-36/+59
* Implemented line styles and widthsChris Young2008-08-151-24/+78
* More error checkingChris Young2008-08-151-7/+41
* Updated for hubbub, redraws now scheduled for next input loopChris Young2008-08-152-100/+96
* Fixed font stylesChris Young2008-08-122-34/+39
* Updated to support changes in image/bitmap.hChris Young2008-08-121-15/+38
* Modified to use space.gadget and blit directly to the window's rastport, also...Chris Young2008-08-112-51/+201
* Added code to set correct font.Chris Young2008-08-105-84/+260
* Functions now return correct values for proper text formatting.Chris Young2008-08-091-20/+21
* Implemented localisation using the existing translated messages files.Chris Young2008-08-092-135/+297
* Warn and error messages are now displayed in a requester.Chris Young2008-08-091-3/+17
* Added support for multiple windows.Chris Young2008-08-093-138/+366
* Rewritten to use window.class and bitmap.image instead of writing directly to...Chris Young2008-08-082-23/+142
* Corrected bitmap plotter RGB format.Chris Young2008-08-071-1/+1
* Basic plotter functions and support code for the plotters.Chris Young2008-08-074-14/+204
* OS4 32-bit icon for NetSurf.Chris Young2008-08-031-0/+0
* Opens and closes timer.device, and creates a new list - required for scheduli...Chris Young2008-08-031-4/+44
* Generic objects code implemented using Exec lists. Currently used by schedul...Chris Young2008-08-032-0/+146
* Fully implemented schedule, schedule_run and schedule_remove.Chris Young2008-08-032-1/+135
* Initial Amiga port files, mostly empty stub functions.Chris Young2008-08-0218-0/+1249