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* move utf8 conversion routines to use nserror instead of their own error enumVincent Sanders2014-01-281-1/+1
* Make comaptible with new nsfont_split expectation. Untested, but code is sam...Michael Drake2013-02-101-1/+8
* Some more finetuning...Ole Loots2013-01-311-4/+12
* Finally it compiles without WinDom - still some things to bring back:Ole Loots2013-01-071-2/+0
* Plotter refactor: removed one plotter abraction layer.Ole Loots2012-07-131-8/+12
* Introduced BITMAPF_BUFFER_NATIVE, for fast redraw of bitmaps. Ole Loots2012-04-101-1/+1
* more #ifdef WITH_8BPP_SUPPORTOle Loots2012-02-251-2/+6
* Made internal font plotter compatible with 256 colors. Ole Loots2012-01-021-5/+10
* Fixed header, made different font plotters optional. Ole Loots2011-12-041-17/+18
* When using onscreen plotter: Collect nsfb internal font characters into a sin...Ole Loots2011-03-201-18/+70
* Added the internal font decoder from frambuffer port. Ole Loots2011-02-121-0/+2298