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* fixup pdf content handler for modified interfacesvince/pdfVincent Sanders2020-12-111-2/+11
* update content broadcast error handlingVincent Sanders2020-12-111-2/+2
* fix plot style float to fix path widthVincent Sanders2020-12-111-9/+12
* allow moving forward and back clicking in windowVincent Sanders2020-12-111-22/+55
* allow clicking to change pageVincent Sanders2020-12-111-7/+68
* call page render interfaceVincent Sanders2020-12-111-0/+27
* set the pdf title if availableVincent Sanders2020-12-111-0/+8
* use nspdf library to parse documentVincent Sanders2020-12-111-11/+69
* Add initial content handler for PDF formatVincent Sanders2020-12-111-0/+122