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* Clean up saving as PDFVincent Sanders2014-10-261-963/+0
* move options includeVincent Sanders2013-05-281-1/+1
* Pass clip rect to clip plotters as struct. Simplify clip rect handling in de...Michael Drake2011-02-141-8/+7
* Merge jmb/new-cache; r=dsilvers,rs=vinceDaniel Silverstone2010-03-281-18/+24
* Merge LibCSS port to trunk.John Mark Bell2009-07-231-8/+11
* Refactor text plotter and other font functions to remove dependency on CSS.John Mark Bell2009-07-211-6/+7
* Rename TRANSPARENT to NS_TRANSPARENT to avoid clash on Windows. By MarkieB.Michael Drake2009-07-141-22/+22
* next round of plotter refactorVincent Sanders2009-07-141-16/+26
* plotters line refactorVincent Sanders2009-07-101-10/+23
* ploter refactor of rectangle handling Vincent Sanders2009-07-081-35/+49
* Refactor fill plotter to take a styleVincent Sanders2009-07-051-4/+4
* remove redundant clg callVincent Sanders2009-07-011-7/+0
* Improve bitmap plotter APIVincent Sanders2009-06-301-51/+22
* Use <> for library headers.John Mark Bell2009-03-271-1/+2
* Divorce PDF export and printing.John Mark Bell2009-02-171-0/+3
* pdf_plot_fill(): fixed wrong change made in r6363.John Tytgat2009-02-061-1/+1
* - desktop/save_pdf/pdf_plotters.c:John Tytgat2009-02-051-146/+274
* - Constify parameters of struct plotter_table::polygon and struct plotter_tab...John Tytgat2009-02-031-46/+44
* - apply_clip_and_mode(): pass text mode selection as parameter instead of usi...John Tytgat2009-02-021-37/+41
* Unexport pdf_scale variable (use pdf_set_scale to set it) and initialize it t...John Tytgat2009-02-021-7/+4
* Hook in our own libharu copy in the build.John Tytgat2009-02-011-1/+1
* * desktop/save_pdf/pdf_plotters.c:John Tytgat2008-09-281-52/+43
* Fix warnings.Michael Drake2008-09-161-153/+153
* Second merge of Adam Blokus' GSoC work from his branch 'branches/adamblokus/n...John Tytgat2008-08-141-0/+831