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* add missing stddef include for size_tVincent Sanders2014-02-021-0/+2
* move utf8 local conversion operations to tableVincent Sanders2014-02-012-18/+77
* remove further extraneous includesVincent Sanders2014-02-011-8/+5
* add missing include for neturf_quit symbolVincent Sanders2014-01-291-7/+7
* move verbose log global into logging module and remove netsurf.h includeVincent Sanders2014-01-292-2/+0
* clean up desktop/gui.h include usageVincent Sanders2014-01-2911-18/+56
* move utf8 conversion routines to use nserror instead of their own error enumVincent Sanders2014-01-284-21/+18
* move path_to_url and url_to_path to fetch operation tableVincent Sanders2014-01-253-1/+23
* Use corestring.Michael Drake2014-01-251-10/+2
* Simplify and optimise icon handling.Michael Drake2014-01-241-39/+15
* Actually use the fact scheme is interned.Michael Drake2014-01-241-6/+6
* create table for fetcher operations and move all operations into itVincent Sanders2014-01-233-38/+111
* More scaled rendering improvements. Partial redraws of scaled textareas can'...Michael Drake2014-01-211-3/+12
* Fix scaled rendering clip rect bottom calculation.Michael Drake2014-01-211-1/+1
* remove forward refs from content/fetch.c and cleanup doc commentsVincent Sanders2014-01-191-1/+4
* Let the frontend construct the correct URL for the default search ico.Chris Young2014-01-181-8/+1
* cleanup copyright headers and some doc commentsVincent Sanders2014-01-163-11/+30
* move 401 login into operation tableVincent Sanders2014-01-165-50/+30
* move filename_from_path and path_add_part into gui operation tablesVincent Sanders2014-01-164-4/+30
* split browser gui operations upVincent Sanders2014-01-157-84/+147
* complete move of remaining core gui functionsVincent Sanders2014-01-152-1/+3
* move remaining gui operations to tableVincent Sanders2014-01-145-46/+101
* confine the gui table acessor to the gui factory headerVincent Sanders2014-01-147-7/+14
* move download operations to download tableVincent Sanders2014-01-143-25/+95
* move teh final optional window operations into the tableVincent Sanders2014-01-134-47/+88
* move four more optional window operations to tableVincent Sanders2014-01-134-17/+89
* move two more mandantory window operations to tableVincent Sanders2014-01-133-5/+37
* move window scroll getter and setter into operations tableVincent Sanders2014-01-133-5/+28
* move mandantory window update and redraw operations into tableVincent Sanders2014-01-123-6/+24
* move more optional window operations into table including removing unused hid...Vincent Sanders2014-01-123-20/+65
* split gui operations into core and window and move more operations into tablesVincent Sanders2014-01-124-54/+143
* move set title, set url, start and stop throbber window operations to gui tableVincent Sanders2014-01-123-21/+61
* move window creation and destruction into tableVincent Sanders2014-01-113-9/+20
* Initial conversion of netsurf gui to callback vtableVincent Sanders2014-01-116-16/+101
* stop system colours being anything to do with frontendsVincent Sanders2014-01-107-39/+82
* fixup logic error in save complete as directed by jmbVincent Sanders2014-01-061-1/+1
* Assert a bit earlier when front end tries to redraw SSL cert viewer that it's...Michael Drake2014-01-061-0/+13
* Merge branch 'rjek/click-file-gadget'Daniel Silverstone2014-01-054-10/+23
| * Change gui_file_gadget_interface to pass gui_window not browser_window, add G...Rob Kendrick2014-01-052-2/+2
| * Add infrastructure for calling front ends to set file gadget filenames via cl...Rob Kendrick2014-01-052-1/+19
| * Add new gui entry point for file open dialogue requestsRob Kendrick2014-01-051-1/+2
| * Remove asserts for default cases from all content message handlers; this is l...Rob Kendrick2014-01-052-8/+2
* | Speculatively start image fetches as we parse the document.John-Mark Bell2014-01-051-1/+1
* Return message to client when textarea is modified.Michael Drake2014-01-042-1/+15
* Fix for gcc2 flexible array declarationFran├žois Revol2013-12-071-1/+1
* Modify conflicting Messages entryChris Young2013-11-171-1/+1
* Use messages for translations instead of string literals.Michael Drake2013-11-112-5/+5
* Visual indication of hotlist's folder for unsorted entries, with special icon.Michael Drake2013-11-083-23/+40
* fix local history error return leak (coverity 1109890)Vincent Sanders2013-11-031-5/+13
* Apply plot offsets to overlays.Michael Drake2013-10-261-6/+6