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* Alocate jsclass_document_priv size.Michael Drake2012-10-051-1/+1
* remove comment after checking correctness of sourcesVincent Sanders2012-08-221-3/+0
* add js property (dom attribute) support to the document/element objectsVincent Sanders2012-08-176-17/+59
* fixup jsapi dom interface to include correct html/dom acessor hierachyVincent Sanders2012-08-157-228/+541
* Fix include and structure definition to stop compiler redefinition errorsVincent Sanders2012-08-095-12/+11
* Add missing #include.Michael Drake2012-08-081-0/+1
* extend javascript object hierarchyVincent Sanders2012-08-085-97/+639
* add element objectVincent Sanders2012-08-052-5/+107
* Inital work on supporting getelementbyidVincent Sanders2012-08-051-1/+34
* add document IDL and test for geteleemntbyidVincent Sanders2012-08-011-0/+81
* fix global handlingVincent Sanders2012-07-312-2/+14
* remove parser binding layerVincent Sanders2012-07-131-3/+3
* do not try and write to document if the parser is finishedVincent Sanders2012-07-071-3/+3
* Improve logging and inline script handlingVincent Sanders2012-07-071-1/+1
* alter usage of libdom hubbub bindingVincent Sanders2012-07-061-5/+40
* Implement navigator propertiesVincent Sanders2012-07-022-2/+163
* Add initial navigator object creation.Vincent Sanders2012-07-022-0/+87
* Add compatability code to allow compilation with earlier Spidermonky versionsVincent Sanders2012-06-302-81/+82
* fix missing defaultVincent Sanders2012-06-281-1/+1
* correctly terminate properties listVincent Sanders2012-06-271-10/+41
* make non js builds compileVincent Sanders2012-06-273-8/+4
* add window and self propertiesVincent Sanders2012-06-271-4/+165
* correctly setup window object as globalVincent Sanders2012-06-263-3/+255
* restructure javascript binding layout to be more explicitVincent Sanders2012-06-191-0/+60