User Information


NetSurf requires the SharedUnixLibrary to run. Also, you may need to download the Acorn URI module.

Contacting the Developers

If you want to contribute to the NetSurf project, please see the Developer Information. Before submitting a bug report, please check that you have the latest version and check to see if the bug has already been discovered. Bug reports and questions about NetSurf can be raised in the following forms.

Mailing List

The netsurf-develop mailing list is for discussion of NetSurf. If you are interested in NetSurf's development, please subscribe to this list.

IRC Channel

The #netsurf-develop IRC channel on the IRCNet network is also for discussion of NetSurf. Both the and servers are suitable.

Bug Tracker

Please submit any bugs to the bug tracker.

Current Features & Limitations

The following features have been implemented:

The following is in progress:

We want to release a stable and fairly complete HTML / CSS browser before considering JavaScript support. To see what remains to be done in more detail, please see the TODO lists.

Known Bugs