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* Change libnsbmp to MIT licenceRob Kendrick2008-09-051-14/+4
* Changed several char/int types to proper types from <stdint.h>; corrected dec...Sean Fox2008-07-011-185/+363
* Correct ico support and added documentation; corrected handling of rgb16 enco...Sean Fox2008-06-271-48/+105
* Arranged bmp_image members, moved bitmap callbacks into bmp_imageSean Fox2008-06-271-43/+43
* Correct coloring issue under linux caused by signedness; added bmp_create() f...Sean Fox2008-06-271-55/+65
* Incorporated bitmap callbacks to make libnsbmp stand-aloneSean Fox2008-06-181-48/+51
* Copy current bmpread.c to new bmp library's directorySean Fox2008-06-181-0/+816