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Initial notes about feb hack weekend
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+[[!meta title="Developer Weekend (Feb 2017)"]]
+[[!meta author="Daniel Silverstone"]]
+[[!meta date="2017-02-04 12:00:00"]]
+* John-Mark Bell (Yes, he's not dead)
+* Michael Drake
+* Vincent Sanders
+* Daniel Silverstone
+* Chris Young (Still not quite up to visiting)
+GIF Stuff
+John-Mark and Vince have had a trawl through the `libnsgif` stuff and
+basically decided "OH GODS NO!" and want to replace the lzw stuff.
+Content Sharing
+We decided that any content which implicitly or explicitly contains context
+(for example HTML, Animated GIFs, audio, video, etc) cannot be shared.
+GIFs could start out unshared, and if they determine later that they are not
+animated, they could flip to a shared context. Ditto they could, on
+`CONTENT_DONE`, switch from copied data to referencing the whole content stored
+in `llcache`.
+CSS Media Queries
+John-Mark is getting on with these
+Plotter API work
+After discussion, Vince is working on updating the plotter API to
+thread the plot context through everything, for widgetery (or however you spell that)
+> **TODO**: Michael will fill this out.
+> **TODO**: Vince will fill this out. (RFC6265)
+JavaScript and Events
+Daniel continues his epic horror-party into `addEventListener()` and friends.