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[project @ 2004-07-21 20:02:13 by rjw]
Less compiler warnings. Fixed create_folder window title indirection from being too small. Support for help keys for greyed out menu items/icons. svn path=/import/netsurf/; revision=1135
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@@ -264,10 +264,16 @@ HelpBrowserMenu3-2-0:\Stoggle the display of the toolbar buttons.|MURL bar uses
HelpBrowserMenu3-2-1:\Stoggle the display of the address (URL) bar.
HelpBrowserMenu3-2-2:\Stoggle the display of the throbber.|MURL bar uses the remaining space.
HelpBrowserMenu3-2-3:\Stoggle the display of the status bar.|MHorizontal scroll bar uses the remaining width.
-HelpBrowserMenu3-3:\Smake your local display options the default options for NetSurf.
+HelpBrowserMenu3-3:\Scontrol the manner the display is rendered.
+HelpBrowserMenu3-3-0:\Stoggle whether text is blended to the background.
+HelpBrowserMenu3-3-1:\Stoggle whether animations are not displayed until all calculations are complete.
+HelpBrowserMenu3-3-2:\Stoggle whether everything is not displayed until all calculations are complete.
+HelpBrowserMenu3-4:\Smake your local display options the default options for NetSurf.
HelpBrowserMenu4:\Rto access NetSurf's built in utilities.|MUtilities are tools such as the hotlist, history tree and setup options.
HelpBrowserMenu4-1:\Rcontrol the default window positioning.
HelpBrowserMenu4-1-0:\Sto make the current window position the default.
+HelpBrowserMenu4-1-1:\Sto toggle whether subsequent windows are staggered down the screen.
+HelpBrowserMenu4-1-2:\Sto toggle whether child windows are opened at the size of the parent.
HelpBrowserMenu4-1-3:\Sto return to the default window positioning.
HelpBrowserMenu5:\Rsee the help resources available.
HelpBrowserMenu5-0:\Sopen the documentation contents page in a new \w.
@@ -330,7 +336,10 @@ HelpHotlistMenu0-4-0:\Sclose all directories and hide all entry details.
HelpHotlistMenu0-4-1:\Sclose all directories.
HelpHotlistMenu0-4-2:\Shide all entry details.
HelpHotlistMenu1:\Roperate on the current selection.
-#HelpHotlistMenu1-0:\Rsave the current selection.
+HelpHotlistMenu1-0:\Rsave the current selection.
+HelpHotlistMenu1-0-0:\Rto save the current address in Acorn URI format.
+HelpHotlistMenu1-0-1:\Rto save the current address in Ant URL format.
+HelpHotlistMenu1-0-2:\Rto save the current selection as HTML.
HelpHotlistMenu1-1:\Redit the current item.
HelpHotlistMenu1-2:\Slaunch the current selection.
HelpHotlistMenu1-3:\Sdelete the current selection from the hotlist.
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