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authorRichard Wilson <>2006-07-15 15:39:33 +0000
committerRichard Wilson <>2006-07-15 15:39:33 +0000
commit546bf17a7f78e6727a3ae0384cba23633d1c8d98 (patch)
tree4f4b8a33d655ce82c3cd972b56713d8c2e8c9e37 /desktop/tree.h
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Add relevent extensions to allow treeviews to be used as an embedded list component.
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diff --git a/desktop/tree.h b/desktop/tree.h
index 8990119d0..62775db8a 100644
--- a/desktop/tree.h
+++ b/desktop/tree.h
@@ -96,6 +96,9 @@ struct tree {
int height; /* <-- Tree height */
int window_width; /* <-- Tree window width */
int window_height; /* <-- Tree window height */
+ bool no_vscroll; /* <-- Tree has a vertical scroll only when needed */
+ bool no_furniture; /* <-- Tree does not have connecting lines */
+ bool single_selection; /* <-- There can only be one item selected */
int edit_handle; /* <-- Handle for editing information */
uintptr_t textarea_handle; /* <-- Handle for UTF-8 textarea */
bool movable; /* <-- Whether nodes can be moved */
@@ -107,13 +110,13 @@ struct tree {
/* Non-platform specific code */
void tree_initialise(struct tree *tree);
-void tree_initialise_nodes(struct node *root);
+void tree_initialise_nodes(struct tree *tree, struct node *root);
void tree_handle_node_changed(struct tree *tree, struct node *node,
bool recalculate_sizes, bool expansion);
void tree_handle_node_element_changed(struct tree *tree,
struct node_element *element);
-void tree_recalculate_node(struct node *node, bool recalculate_sizes);
-void tree_recalculate_node_positions(struct node *root);
+void tree_recalculate_node(struct tree *tree, struct node *node, bool recalculate_sizes);
+void tree_recalculate_node_positions(struct tree *tree, struct node *root);
struct node *tree_get_node_at(struct node *root, int x, int y, bool *furniture);
struct node_element *tree_get_node_element_at(struct node *node, int x, int y,
bool *furniture);
@@ -135,7 +138,7 @@ struct node *tree_create_URL_node_shared(struct node *parent,
const char *url, const struct url_data *data);
struct node *tree_create_cookie_node(struct node *parent,
const struct cookie_data *data);
-void tree_set_node_expanded(struct node *node, bool expanded);
+void tree_set_node_expanded(struct tree *tree, struct node *node, bool expanded);
void tree_set_node_selected(struct tree *tree, struct node *node,
bool selected);
void tree_handle_selection_area(struct tree *tree, int x, int y, int width,