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* Fetch relative URIs correctlychris/fetch-x-ent-refChris Young2016-08-231-6/+18
* Parse the fetched external entityChris Young2016-08-221-5/+29
* Fetch external entities for libexpat/svg through the proper channels.Chris Young2016-08-222-2/+55
* move core window API into netsurf header pathVincent Sanders2016-08-185-8/+17
* Call CloseLibraryChris Young2016-08-181-0/+1
* Ensure we don't use a half-opened library if it is optional.Chris Young2016-08-181-2/+4
* Fail if the library interface doesn't open.Chris Young2016-08-181-0/+6
* Test: Add trailing whitespace and garbage datetime string parse tests.Michael Drake2016-08-171-0/+12
* Time: Micro-optimisation: Put GMT first in timezone list.Michael Drake2016-08-171-3/+5
* add bmp file format to file fetch types for gtk and framebufferVincent Sanders2016-08-162-0/+3
* Open a new window instead of a tab if we can't locate the window the tab is s...Chris Young2016-08-151-1/+9
* Allow a second-run NetSurf to open passed URL in a new tab rather than a new ...Chris Young2016-08-153-6/+12
* add some corestrings API tests and fix corestrings fini.Vincent Sanders2016-08-143-1/+58
* add bloom filter test for adding NULL stringVincent Sanders2016-08-141-35/+76
* Fix longjmp to invalid address on jpeg init errorSergei Rogachev2016-08-141-2/+2
* licence and credits buttons got swapped, fix itVincent Sanders2016-08-141-2/+2
* fix bitmap modification callback calling for bmp image handlerVincent Sanders2016-08-141-4/+10
* Merge branch 'tlsa/date'Michael Drake2016-08-1310-132/+1718
| * Buildsystem: Make curl/openssl usage build-time options.Michael Drake2016-08-134-10/+25
| * Tests: Add some basic tests for date string parsing.Michael Drake2016-08-132-1/+436
| * Time: Add date string to time_t parser.Michael Drake2016-08-131-3/+810
| * url: Use ascii module, rather than ctype for locale safetly.Michael Drake2016-08-131-1/+3
| * nsurl: Update to use ascii_* helper functions.Michael Drake2016-08-131-112/+15
| * Utils: Add a set of ASCII string parsing helpers.Michael Drake2016-08-131-0/+358
| * Time: Expose arrays of weekday and month names.Michael Drake2016-08-131-6/+72
* Ensure we are treating LShift/RShift and LAlt/RAlt the same.Chris Young2016-08-121-35/+24
* Don't attempt to close a public screen we're not the owner of.Chris Young2016-08-111-3/+3
* Fix OS3 buildChris Young2016-08-111-1/+6
* OS3-related commentsChris Young2016-08-111-1/+7
* Remove excessive scheduler debugChris Young2016-08-111-26/+0
* Don't Abort/WaitIO when we've already removed it from the message queue (thx ...Chris Young2016-08-111-4/+10
* Tests: Fix option handling test data.Michael Drake2016-08-111-0/+1
* Treeview: Add `treeview_font_size` to options.Michael Drake2016-08-114-6/+19
* Missing TAG_DONE (thx capehill)Chris Young2016-08-102-1/+2
* Treeview: Rationalise initialisation and finalisation.Michael Drake2016-08-1013-60/+72
* Use the API for duplicating IORequestsChris Young2016-08-101-17/+48
* Always wait for at least some time, as it's ambiguous as to whether a 0.0s ti...Chris Young2016-08-101-0/+2
* more debugChris Young2016-08-091-2/+3
* Decouple the scheduler from system timeChris Young2016-08-091-69/+54
* add more tests for partial iterator in url databaseVincent Sanders2016-08-091-3/+83
* ensure url database destructor cleans up correctlyVincent Sanders2016-08-091-2/+7
* add more API coverage to url database unit testsVincent Sanders2016-08-091-6/+21
* extend url database unit testing to cover more APIVincent Sanders2016-08-093-14/+118
* add cookies tests to url database unit testingVincent Sanders2016-08-091-11/+116
* We don't need ReplyMsg here.Chris Young2016-08-091-4/+4
* Scheduler debug loggingChris Young2016-08-091-4/+11
* add cookie database load and restore unit testVincent Sanders2016-08-092-3/+50
* extend url database checks to cover authentication detail setter and getterVincent Sanders2016-08-081-2/+23
* add some basic url database iteration testsVincent Sanders2016-08-082-36/+80
* add url databse write output to unit testVincent Sanders2016-08-082-4/+19