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* rework path to url mapping functions to convert from and to nsurlVincent Sanders2014-05-261-60/+2
* refactor url utility functions to use standard nserror codes and have appropr...Vincent Sanders2014-05-081-3/+3
* add file operations table and make all frontends use it.Vincent Sanders2014-05-071-38/+0
* Improve documentation on mimetype fetcher tableVincent Sanders2014-05-071-7/+0
* remove further extraneous includesVincent Sanders2014-02-011-1/+3
* clean up desktop/gui.h include usageVincent Sanders2014-01-291-0/+1
* move path_to_url and url_to_path to fetch operation tableVincent Sanders2014-01-251-3/+16
* move framebuffer fetch operations to their own moduleVincent Sanders2014-01-241-0/+186