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committerVincent Sanders <>2016-11-27 14:17:11 +0000
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restructure AST node creation to avoid casts
This changes Abstract Syntax Tree node creation for both webidl and genbind syntax tress. If a node is to be created with a numeric value instead of a pointer a separate API is now used instead of casting through void. This fixes parsing and AST building on big endian 64bit platforms where casting through void, which is completely undefined behaviour, generates different and non-functioning code. The solution in this patch is properly portable and correct without relying on casting at all. Thanks to James Clarke <> for the original debugging and patch demonstrating how to work round the bug.
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diff --git a/src/nsgenbind-ast.h b/src/nsgenbind-ast.h
index 49db23b..6fb7221 100644
--- a/src/nsgenbind-ast.h
+++ b/src/nsgenbind-ast.h
@@ -71,7 +71,18 @@ int genbind_parsefile(char *infilename, struct genbind_node **ast);
char *genbind_strapp(char *a, char *b);
+ * create a new node with value from pointer
+ */
struct genbind_node *genbind_new_node(enum genbind_node_type type, struct genbind_node *l, void *r);
+ * create a new number node
+ *
+ * Create a node with of number type
+ */
+struct genbind_node *genbind_new_number_node(enum genbind_node_type type, struct genbind_node *l, int number);
struct genbind_node *genbind_node_link(struct genbind_node *tgt, struct genbind_node *src);
struct genbind_node *genbind_node_prepend(struct genbind_node *list, struct genbind_node *inst);