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* move flag indicating jsapi object for an interface should be a global from ap...Vincent Sanders2014-05-161-3/+3
* move binding type from explicit statement into declaration.Vincent Sanders2014-05-161-2/+1
* extend binding DSL with prologue and epilogue stanzasVincent Sanders2013-01-021-1/+10
* name and docuemnt the binding property attributeVincent Sanders2012-11-211-2/+8
* make property shared status and type handling selection genericVincent Sanders2012-11-211-2/+2
* allow unshared parameter to accept property names as well as typesVincent Sanders2012-11-201-0/+1
* add unshared optionVincent Sanders2012-11-201-8/+43
* improve example and test bindingsVincent Sanders2012-11-031-70/+87
* add internal and API to binding languageVincent Sanders2012-10-291-0/+148