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Fix up documentation lies
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@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ All numeric values are stored in a 32bit wide field. This field contains
a fixed point value with 22 bits assigned to the integer part and 10 bits
assigned to the fractional part.
-Strings are stored as a pointer to an interned string.
-The pointer's width is the native width of a pointer on the platform.
+Strings are stored as a 32bit index into a table of interned string pointers.
+The table is found in the stylesheet object.
CSS dimensions are stored as two 32bit values: <length, units>.
Length is a 32bit numeric value (as described above) and unit is as follows:
@@ -71,12 +71,7 @@ Length is a 32bit numeric value (as described above) and unit is as follows:
00000000 => Hz
00000001 => kHz
-CSS colours are stored as one 32bit value:
- bits 24-31: Alpha component
- bits 16-23: Red component
- bits 8-15 : Green component
- bits 0-7 : Blue component
+CSS colours are stored as one 32bit value. See "Colour" for their format.
Shorthand properties