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* Fix reference leak in error case.John-Mark Bell2012-12-311-1/+3
* unsigned long -> uint32_t, signed long and long -> int32_t, plus collateral f...Daniel Silverstone2012-09-101-10/+10
* CharacterData.delete: Fix this and enable 5 more testsDaniel Silverstone2012-07-051-1/+5
* get_text_content working for all textual nodes modulo processing instructionsDaniel Silverstone2012-03-241-1/+15
* C89 for BeOS build.Fran├žois Revel2012-03-241-11/+16
* Merge branches/jmb/dom-alloc-purge back to trunkJohn Mark Bell2011-12-211-26/+30
* s/struct dom_string/dom_string/gJohn Mark Bell2011-04-071-11/+11
* Jump through hoops to conform to the spec: apparently, it requires unsigned v...John Mark Bell2010-08-301-8/+28
* Merge the Events module (branches/struggleyb/libdom-events) back to trunk. :)Bo Yang2009-08-131-5/+53
* Merge the branches/struggleyb/libdom-remain back to trunk.Bo Yang2009-08-111-21/+62
* Fix the last commit, hook up the vtable for dom_characterdata.Bo Yang2009-03-151-2/+1
* Convert the dom_characterdata to use vtable.Bo Yang2009-03-151-16/+42
* Add, and implement, dom_string_insert() and dom_string_replace() APIJohn Mark Bell2007-11-031-24/+138
* Implement dom_characterdata_get_data()John Mark Bell2007-09-291-6/+21
* Modify dom_node_initialise() API to permit specification of namespace URI and...John Mark Bell2007-09-271-1/+2
* Finalisation and destruction of nodesJohn Mark Bell2007-07-281-0/+14
* Sort out somewhat messy object construction.John Mark Bell2007-07-281-39/+0
* Implement type-specific node constructors and veneer the appropriate Document...John Mark Bell2007-07-261-0/+59
* Make CharacterData struct public (within library)John Mark Bell2007-07-111-8/+1
* Add CharacterDataJohn Mark Bell2007-07-111-0/+193