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* move frontends into sub directoryVincent Sanders2016-05-151-58/+0
* update windows frontend to not use depricated warn_user APIVincent Sanders2016-04-271-8/+15
* split out windows file operations into a separeate moduleVincent Sanders2015-06-301-1/+0
* Clean up more windows frontend issues and split out more functionalityVincent Sanders2015-03-131-31/+0
* Move win32 window operations into their own moduleVincent Sanders2015-03-121-26/+9
* Update windows frontend to cope with split operations table headersVincent Sanders2014-10-161-5/+0
* remove use of deprecated netsurf_quit variable in win32Vincent Sanders2014-10-121-0/+4
* add file operations table and make all frontends use it.Vincent Sanders2014-05-071-0/+1
* move utf8 local conversion operations to tableVincent Sanders2014-02-011-0/+1
* create table for fetcher operations and move all operations into itVincent Sanders2014-01-231-0/+1
* split browser gui operations upVincent Sanders2014-01-151-1/+3
* move window creation and destruction into tableVincent Sanders2014-01-111-0/+2
* split out drawable window handlingVincent Sanders2011-04-031-11/+6
* make windows about window functionalVincent Sanders2011-03-251-0/+9
* fix thumbnailing and localhistoryVincent Sanders2010-10-141-1/+2
* Add Windows frontendVincent Sanders2010-01-311-0/+89